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Tunisian khomsa by ando-yuuri Tunisian khomsa :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 0 0
Chapter VIII: A stroke of luck?
“You!” cried the princess, flabbergasted.
The crouched down figure, lowered her head in defeat then raised it to stare painfully and regretfully at the princess:
“My lady… I know that you told me to go to my room…But I couldn’t leave you alone… I didn’t have it in my heart to leave you with the demon king!”
The hard expression on Zelda’s face softened, she exhaled half amused and half irritated.
“Demelza” She murmured.
“Congratulations for your engagement” the servant finally said apologetically, after a long pause.
The princess smiled, bid goodnight to her lady-in-waiting and went to sleep.
The next day, at noon, Zelda arrived in front of the great door located in the highest tower of the castle, this was the room where the council will be held, and where Shadrian usually worked. She was nervous, she felt her throat dry and she was fidgeting with her hands. This was the first council meeting she would
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 2 0
Sleeping Zelda chapter VII: A strange proposal
Ganondorf was walking in the secret passage way towards the door leading to the corridors of Hyrule’s castle, impatient to finally see the princess after all this time. When he was finally in the corridors, he waited and took the opportunity to scan the surroundings. The place was bright, setting a warm atmosphere; as many silver chandeliers were hung from the ceiling, there was no rug on the wooden floor and many paintings were adorning the walls, most of them were of young men and women, ‘surely, the former kings and queens’ thought the Gerudo king.
He contemplated a particular painting of a blond man, with grey eyes almost black, wearing a luxurious red velvet cape, flanked with ostentatious jewellery as well as a brazen golden crown carved with large gemstones, too big for his own head. The dark king snorted with disdain and looked at the painting scornfully, ‘some people think of themselves as being sophisticated while they just have bad tastes’ he mu
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 2 0
doodle (2) by ando-yuuri doodle (2) :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 0 0 doodle (1) by ando-yuuri doodle (1) :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 1 0 Pathetic attempt to draw Ganondorf by ando-yuuri Pathetic attempt to draw Ganondorf :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 3 3
Sleeping Zelda chapter VI: A PLAN FINALLY!
The doctor stayed at the King's bedside, and worked his art as best as he could. On the third day, the monarch's color returned. On the seventh day, and much to the doctor's delight, the royal patient asked for a breakfast more solid and consistent than broth. The doctor left the king to inform the princess of that progress in her father’s health, still, it is no surprise when Edwin appears...outwardly from nowhere. “How is he?”
“Much better today, thankfully,” the physician replies and takes the spectacles from his nose, “Slowly, but he is recovering.”
The prince smiled and put a hand on the doctor's shoulder, “Good. When I saw him yesterday, he seemed much stronger. I was worried for him. This illness set upon him so quickly.”
The old man nodded. “I'm still not sure what made him ill.” He looked up at the young man with a frown. “I don't like it, my lord. It's all very strange. I don't like it one bit.”
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 1 0
Sleeping Zelda chapter V: duties and obstacles
Ganondorf materialized inside of the Gerudo fortress, the sack of food in his hands. It was a little late in the morning. He was in messy state, he had dark circle under his eyes and dishevelled hair.
Soon he was joined by the Twinrova.
"Good morning, son." Both of the witches chimed at the same time.
"Oh mother, good morning." He said in a tired voice
"Why are you so late?" Asked Koume.
"did you have a problem inside of the castle?" Asked Kotake, worried.
"what did those Hylian do to you?!" Asked both of the Gerudo witches at the same time, anxiously.
"Both of you calm down! Nothing happened inside of the castle! ... I just had a long discussion with Zelda…"
"about what?" Asked the twins at the same time.
"Well…about political matters!" He replied hastily.
He was definitely not going to tell them about, his lovely tryst with the princess, last night.
"And what did…"Began one of those witches.
"Enough questions! I brought the food, now eat!" Said the Gerudo king cutti
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 0 0
Mature content
Sleeping Zelda Chapter IV: A princess' life :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 3 0
Sleeping Zelda Chapter III: Witching hour plans
A black caped figure was running on a horse, in the dead of the night, while the storm was raging. But nothing could stop the ferocious black horse nor the caped figure, not even the storm, they were entering deep, deep in the forest. The horse stopped in front of a cabin, in the darkest depths of the forest, the horseman got down of its horse, led it to a nearby tree and tied it there. As the horseman arrived in front of the cabin’s door, he knocked loudly. The door opened by itself.
As the man entered inside, a voice rang in the whole cabin. “Well, well, well, if it’s not the prince Edwin. Welcome to my humble household, to what I owe the pleasure of this visit, my lord?”
“I salute you, Ô dark one, but first show me your face, and then we can talk” answered Edwin withdrawing the cape hiding his face.
“Why should I?” Asked calmly the voice.
“Because I am the PRINCE of this kingdom and if you don’t show yourself, I will..
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 3 0
Sleeping Zelda Chapter II: Meeting the Gerudo
Zelda was in her room, at her table a quill in the hand, writing different invitation letters. She just finished writing the letters for the noblemen and women; all in all they were thirty five. Now she was thinking what to write to the Gerudo king. He is so special, so intelligent a true erudite person, he has far greater knowledge than hers. She was sure of it through the exchanged letters with him; so of course he deserved a special letter not any simple etiquette letter…But she didn't know what to write in. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by light knocks on the door. "Enter" she answered, Impa entered the room with biscuit and a milky tea on tray, "I believe her highness deserve some comfort after this tiring day." She said as she put the tray on the table with a smile, "I see something is troubling you, what is it?" she added.
"Well it's nothing, really…"
"Child, I've known you since a very long time and you can say I know you too well." Replied the maid.
"I can
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 3 16
Sleeping Zelda I:The coronation(Ganondorf X Zelda)
inspired by the true story of sleeping beauty: the prince of Hyrule desperately wants to take his sister's place on the throne; he seeks the help of a wizard, he decides to plunge her into an eternal deep slumber from which she can only wake up only by the most intense pain possible.
Sleeping Zelda Chapter I: The coronation
"Father, that's not fair! Zelda isn't fit for the thrown! Hyrule is going to fall down!"
It was late in the afternoon, the king and his son were quarrelling for the umpteenth time about the successor of the thrown.
"My son it's my decision and I won't change it." Said the king with a hint of annoyance.
The king was pinching the bridge of his nose, he had enough of this discussion.
"But Zelda is a woman! Women are weak…they are incomplete men! They are only good to be wed…You can't do this father please think over it again…Hyrule is going to fall…"replied the son.
"That's enough son!" Yelled the king rising from his chair and cutting off his s
:iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 5 0
training III by ando-yuuri training III :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 0 0 training II by ando-yuuri training II :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 0 0 training by ando-yuuri training :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 1 3 chibi fruits by ando-yuuri chibi fruits :iconando-yuuri:ando-yuuri 2 3


Zelda x Ganondorf by ZeldaxGanondorf-FC Zelda x Ganondorf :iconzeldaxganondorf-fc:ZeldaxGanondorf-FC 148 0 Arthur's Tattoos WIP by spikelikegwah Arthur's Tattoos WIP :iconspikelikegwah:spikelikegwah 6 4 Daily Paint #1246. Book Wyrm by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #1246. Book Wyrm :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,204 111
The Sun Queen -- Part One
The wind howled. It clawed and bit and snarled in her ears, razor-talon wisps attempting to slash apart her cloak. She had been forced from her horse what felt like a forever ago. Not that a horse would find more progress than she through the dunes; the drifts were too deep for all steeds but the most fleet-footed desert mounts. Din, she thought. How could a land of sun and heat and thirst be so cold?
A solitary tear slid down her ivory cheek before she could stop herself. No, she reminded herself. This is a land of parch. Every drop of that is precious. Your canteen is gone, and that is bad enough.
But she could not stop herself. Through the dust hood, she reached and ran a hand through her hair in her customary way, a way that she had tried to train out of herself by nearly five years of diplomatic training. But her hand flinched as it met an absence. Something was not there. Something was missing. A something she had worn from h
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 13 34
On Having Appetite
Blech. I do not like this story so much, other than it is GanZel. This is the result of finals week and exactly how tired my brain was. If it's not as good as the usual, has strange pacing or characterization I am seriously sorry. If I didn't pump this out then the blah would just fester in my brainpan. I'm posting this as a curiosity to see what people think of a GanZel story written while my brain was shot on gluing census info and statistics data together with earwax and prayers.
Ganondorf knew his soul was an ancient one.  He could feel it in his blood, the workings of the essence that made him who he was. So old, that there were no more distinct memories of being. Each him blurred, intertwined, refreshed, and was reborn when he came forth once more into the world. So many hims bled together that while he knew his own basic history he could feel the patterns of the world as they repeated. Sometimes he was resurrected from the dead. Sometimes he awoke, body reborn, to s
:iconsilverbellsabove:SilverBellsAbove 9 27
Fullbody poses 2 by Precia-T Fullbody poses 2 :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 7,325 34 Portrait 32 by MatthewandKatlayn Portrait 32 :iconmatthewandkatlayn:MatthewandKatlayn 42 3 TPZeldaWllpaper by DaKidGaming TPZeldaWllpaper :icondakidgaming:DaKidGaming 18 1 Ganondorf Wallpaper by DaKidGaming Ganondorf Wallpaper :icondakidgaming:DaKidGaming 72 4 Piggyback Ride by Luvisia Piggyback Ride :iconluvisia:Luvisia 3 21 Be mine by YammiJammi69 Be mine :iconyammijammi69:YammiJammi69 104 26 Ganondorf : Hyrule Warriors Vector by firedragonmatty Ganondorf : Hyrule Warriors Vector :iconfiredragonmatty:firedragonmatty 153 5 HW - Ganondorf by pyrogina HW - Ganondorf :iconpyrogina:pyrogina 41 6 Wax and Oil by AstroZerk
Mature content
Wax and Oil :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 264 11
The G man by YammiJammi69 The G man :iconyammijammi69:YammiJammi69 38 5 The Curse of the Queen by paigemichael The Curse of the Queen :iconpaigemichael:paigemichael 43 8


Tunisian khomsa
This is what we call khomsa (which means 5) in my country (Tunisia),  is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. One of the most common components of gold and silver jewlery,  historically and traditionally, it was most commonly carved in jet or formed from silver, a metal believed to represent purity and hold magical properties.
it's also painted or hung on the doorways of rooms, such as those of an expectant mother or new baby.

“You!” cried the princess, flabbergasted.
The crouched down figure, lowered her head in defeat then raised it to stare painfully and regretfully at the princess:
“My lady… I know that you told me to go to my room…But I couldn’t leave you alone… I didn’t have it in my heart to leave you with the demon king!”
The hard expression on Zelda’s face softened, she exhaled half amused and half irritated.
“Demelza” She murmured.
“Congratulations for your engagement” the servant finally said apologetically, after a long pause.
The princess smiled, bid goodnight to her lady-in-waiting and went to sleep.

The next day, at noon, Zelda arrived in front of the great door located in the highest tower of the castle, this was the room where the council will be held, and where Shadrian usually worked. She was nervous, she felt her throat dry and she was fidgeting with her hands. This was the first council meeting she would have in her life.
Due to his health, the king won’t assist, so Zelda was sent at his place and on top of that it would give her an idea how the future meetings would go once she became queen.
The soon-to-be queen deeply inhaled, passed a hand through her dark brown hair, and straightened herself; she wasn’t going to let fear get the best of her. She pushed the huge door open and entered. The room was dark, it was lightened by several candles on the walls of stone, yet it was still dark and cold, the royal lady could feel a chill running through her whole body. A big round table was disposed in the middle of the room circled by many chairs all had the same size, except one, it was much bigger than the others…The king’s chair. The princess advanced toward the sit and climbed on top of it.
“I see that you are already there, that is good; punctuality is the mother of all virtues” said a voice behind her.
She turned to see her faithful advisor; Shadrian. She smiled: “I wanted to give a good impression”
“You did, my dear, that you did…” the scholar trailed off, as he noticed the distraught air of his student.
“No need to be worried, I am sure you will do fine” he reassured her “We still have time, my little Zelda, I will tell you everything about the council and each one of the advisors, you won’t be destabilized” the tutor winked.
“Please, do” the princess smiled.
“Alright, as you can see, there are nine places around this table for each of the councilmen Geoffrey of Mornmouth, Elrick D’arcil, Janne of Caerleon, Shawn Stark, Tyrelius of Countbury, Rajah Stone, Rene Stern, and me.” Replied the old scholar. “During the council, we will discuss about the politic Hyrule is going to follow, the economic state of Hyrule as well as the problem in the exchanges with the other countries.”
Zelda was absorbing all the tutor information with a big interest.
“However, some of the counsellors, are not convinced of your wisdom and knowledge, as I know their nature, they will try to do anything to lead the meeting, and do as they please, do not give them the occasion to do that.” He paused and then added “You know everything you have to know in order to conduct this meeting, princess, you will do great”.
The soon-to-be queen noticed the sincerity in her tutor’s voice, and trusted him.
‘I can do it!’ thought the princess encouraging herself.
There was suddenly a loud knock at the door, cutting off the cold silence and settling an uncomfortable atmosphere.
“Ah, looks like the other advisors came, are you ready my queen?” said the tutor gently.
Zelda nodded, her crystalline blue eyes full of determination and resolution. At that moment, the soon-to-be queen felt that she could hold all the weight of the world on her shoulders.  
As the door opened, all the advisors entered in a religious silence, they all sat at their respective places. Some of them eyed the princess with a slight interest, while the others were looking at her with disdain.
‘They must think that I am just a silly child’ thought bitterly the princess ‘well, it’s time to prove them wrong’.
“Well” said one of the councilman a warm smile on his face, “It’s an honour to meet you here, your highness, my name is Rajah Stone, at my left is sir Tyrelius of Countbury, at my right is Rene Stern…” Rene Stern was a little old man with blue piercing gaze and Tyrelius was middle-aged man with grey eyes almost black.
“It alright Rajah we can continue presenting ourselves” A blond man with green eyes,  sited next to Rene, said in a cold tone “After all, we are all adults here…” he trailed off, looking scornfully at the princess. Then he continued “I am lord Geoffrey of Mornmouth, I don’t doubt your ability or your competency princess. However, I think you are too young to conduct such a meeting. This is why I shall…”
“No one cares about what you think lord Mornmouth!” Shadrian cut him off dryly.
Zelda felt her blood boil, and her head dizzy under the anger caused by that man; the meeting didn’t even began, yet she found herself being openly and explicitly treated of a child and being incapable of conducting the council. She breathed, calmed herself down and promised herself that she was going to make Geoffrey Mornmouth swallow his own words! The young lord glared at the princess’ tutor, but nonetheless stayed silent.
There was a long and awkward silence. “Henry of Caerleon, it’s an honour to meet you your highness.” A middle aged black haired man said, visibly relieved of cutting the almost unbearable quietness. The princess nodded and tuned to the two last councilmen.
“I am Lord Elrick, my lady” said a black haired dwarf.
“Shawn Stark” said a red haired middle aged man.
The princess nodded, acknowledging the advisors and waited.        
“My lady” Began one of the advisors “We heard words from our dignitaries in Gerudo valley, they have begged to broach the subject about the Gerudo Nation…”
“Oh my god you are such a whiner, all Gerudo people are girls! I’ll be happy to hunt them and kill them for you, now next problem, the horses in the stables are…” boomed one of the councilmen.
“Are you out of your mind?” yelled Zelda cutting him off “I might be a child, but unlike you, sir, I am wise and I don’t blabber nonsense, you are basically putting aside the problem about a whole nation to talk about the stable horses?” then she turned to the first nobleman who spoke and ignoring the second one and added “Please milord, continue.”
“Alright” he replied as he glared at the advisor who cut him off “As I was saying, the Gerudos became a very big threat and no, lord Geoffrey, they are not only women, they have a very strong leader, he’s known to be the king of evil, he is spoken of in all the legends within Hyrule.” Then he made a dramatic pause and added “I am speaking of Ganondorf, himself”
Everyone stared at the counsellor who just spoke with shock, the name he just pronounced conjures everything but sly about human being or rather Gerudo. Then he pursued talking “These people are growing strong, stronger than we care to contemplate. They have escalated in power and wealth. Their army numbers five thousands strong! Their army being composed of bublins, darknuts, other types of monsters and Gerudos!”      
Another councilman added “Lots of the caravans go through the desert towards the other countries and get stolen…”
Lord Geoffrey who was silent and swallowing his rage, finally exploded: “I guess you have a solution to all of this your highness!” his voice was loaded with sarcasm.
“I have thought about this matter” Began the princess “How to win a man who men say cannot be won? Why not secure an alliance with the Gerudo, I think of something biding and definitive, such as a betrothal between the Gerudo Lord and me, this will give us the ultimate control over the Desert and trade routes, and he won’t risk to attack what belongs to him, namely, Hyrule itself.”
All of the council stared at the royal lady, befuddlement apparent on their faces, after a while it eventually disappeared, they pondered the idea and a lot of murmurs of approval were fusing around the room and they all accepted the idea, some of the noblemen there even complimented her for her wisdom, the soon-to-be queen couldn’t believe it, she got the luck of the century proposed the engagement between her Gerudo lover and her and the council accepted it.
Zelda listened to all the other advisors about the other matters concerning the kingdom, thanks to her knowledge, they defined Hyrule’s policy, the policy it would follow when dealing with the other countries as well as politics.
She truly shone, even lord of Mornmouth was fuming by himself, she humiliated him and he was angry for that, he was played and manipulated by a child!

Hours became days, days became weeks and passed quickly, since time waited for no one to fly.
Zelda was sitting on a stone bench in the castle’s vast rose garden, late in the afternoon, the sun was setting, reflecting the most beautiful shades of red, gold and green on the celestial sphere.
Impa was sitting next to her, putting on a nearby low table a ceramic teapot and two little cups from the tray she brought with her.
“How I wish I was a princess from the fairy tails, I envy them so much for their life of leisure, but I have something they don’t have…” The princess smiled.
“What is it?” The domestic asked.
“A fiancé as strong and wise as mine”
The lady-in-waiting exhaled irritably, and poured some tea for her and the royal lady.
“I told you I was going to find a solution, didn’t I?” this latter added with a smug smirk wide on her face taking the cup of tea from the servant’s hand.
“Did you finish writing the speech for tomorrow?” Impa asked to change the subject, however her voice was slightly filled with worries.
“Of course I did.” She replied “I even showed it to Shad, he was really pleased with it.”
“It doesn’t surprise at all” The old lady said with a large grin on her face, her voice filled with pride and tenderness.

Meanwhile, Edwin was sitting on his puff chair inside of his room, staring intensely at the vial full of dark liquid he was holding in his hand, deeply in thought, lightly playing with it and passing it through his fingers.
This was what he needed all along, this was what he wished for, he was finally going to accomplish his designed plan and help fate to get a normal turn and things would go smoothly for him and all Hyrule. ‘Hyrule doesn’t need a weak leader as my sister’ he mused.
He arose from the chair and headed towards the door, he gave a final look to the room.
This was his last time in this room as a prince, he was going to be crowned king soon and rule over this kingdom. ‘Time to put my plan in execution, tomorrow, there is going to be a speech, alright…But it’s not going to be my sister’s’ he thought darkly and laughed internally, getting out of his chamber and closing the door behind him.
Chapter VIII: A stroke of luck?

Hey guys thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, Sorry for my lateness again, but I finally managed to finish this chapter

if you have feedback, suggestions, something you like or something you don't like please don’t hesitate to comment.
Chapter1:  <here 
chapter2:  <here 
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Chapter6:  <here 
chapter7:  <here 



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